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Happy Anniversary, ShameriKKKa

As the fifth anniversary of the September Eleventh tragedy quickly approaches, the question remains. Do you feel any more protected from terrorism, now that we are fighting wars on several fronts? Do you feel that we have justified our presence in Afghanistan and Iraq? Waging war to prevent terrorism is like putting out a fire with gasoline. After all war is terrorism with a larger budget. Saddam Hussein's trial plays on in the kangaroo court of our own construction, and Osama Bin Forgotten is still at large. This administration is searching for Osama Bin Forgotten, like O. J. Simpson is looking for the real killers. Meanwhile, the citizens of these Disunited Estates of ShameriKKKa are illegally wiretapped, and strip-searched while standing in line at security checkpoints in the airport. The greatest superpower to ever rule the planet is failing miserably, and it is beginning to become evident to everyone. What is that saying that they used during the Vietnam War about winning over the hearts and minds of the population? Insurgency and dissent in Iraq is at its highest point since the invasion.

War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing, except oil, money, and political gain. Arguably, the American government has been in a state of war with the Iraqi people since Desert Storm. For a seventeen-year-old Iraqi, life has been entirely comprised of war, bombing, and political unrest. If you add together the victims of the September Eleventh tragedy with the casualty counts of Iraq and Afghanistan, has there been enough killing for you? The world will never know how many innocent women and children have been murdered and deemed collateral damage in these wars. Meanwhile, our streets and homeless shelters fill with the wounded soldiers without limbs and hope for the future. Hey, buddy, can you spare some change? May I wash your windshield for a few cents?

The midterm elections, shortly after the anniversary of September Eleventh, should reflect how the population feels about our foreign policy. Is there an exit strategy being offered by any of the candidates, or will business continue as usual? It is pretty evident that there is no such plan on the table, and we will continue to send our boys and girls into the battlefields. There is discussion of placing more troops into the melee, which rings a familiar tune for those of us who understand Lyndon Johnson's position during Vietnam. There are some who argue that the war movement needs to advance into Iran, because they desire nuclear power and microwave ovens. Maybe they will use the weapons of mass destruction that the Martians impounded from Iraq against the western world, right? The Martians are holding onto these weapons until they can find a good buyer, after all. Meanwhile, oil prices have skyrocketed higher than most aircraft. Yet, no one has parked their SUV, or begun to carpool. Maybe people are afraid to step up and ask the difficult questions. Maybe the spindoctoring and propaganda has worked, or most likely, people are simply too ignorant or stubborn to care.

The American people fail to utilize privilege fully in service of conscience. Over two thirds of the human rights violations in the world today are a direct result of resource extraction. To put it bluntly, we are collectively killing the planet and ourselves because we are not doing enough for each other and the Goddess, our home, good old Mama Earth. We are not using our resources and our altruistic genes efficiently and intelligently. We have forgotten who we are, neglected to challenge the status quo, and creating our own permanent undoing. The time has come for new ideas, and new strategies. As a nation at the forefront of the technological revolution, it is supremely important that America lead by example. The American people need to remember that the consent of the governed involves making difficult choices and a great many sacrifices. It is time to declare peace, instead of war, with ourselves, with others, and with our home. Simply put, we need to protect the living, and honor the dead. Silence equals complicity.

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