Razee (razee) wrote,

Visual Orphans, Volume Two, Issue Nine

Visual Orphans, Volume Two, Issue Nine

The new issue of Visual Orphans has arrived! Check us out at http://www.razee.com/VisualOrphans/orphans.html

"Congratulations! You have Even Offended Me!"

Thank you, Cactus Jack, for proving that you are the biggest lying bastard New World Order totalitarian on the planet. We commend you on your stammering and stuttering through one minute of acknowledging Mrs. Coletta King. Then, you spent 53 more minutes spewing hate and Big Brother doublespeakgood propaganda, while your Thoughtpolice were rushing in and tearing a dead soldier's mother from her seat. As an invited guest to your grand party of lies, Cindy Sheehan was removed because she might have been wearing a T-shirt that offended your sensibilities and concentration spinning lies. Tears well up into our eyes, sir. We realize that you and your Blackboots are raping the best part of America, our truth and our dignity. Shame on you, sir. You are too frightened to accept and admit the reality that you have made a fatal mistake that has now cost 2500 Disunited Estates of ShameriKKKan soldiers and 274,956 collaterally damaged Iraqi families of their children, wives, and husbands. Even your father could not make this many people cry, tonight. At what cost do you sleep, tonight, sir? If you had any sort of a soul, or any sensitivity for America's blood, you would be ashamed of yourself. While you stuff your nose with Evangelical cocaine and slobber down Enron whiskey-we ask you, do you really care about what happens to the rest of the world, or is this some sort of drunken enticed comedy act for you and your buddy, Hal I. Burton? As you pack the Supreme Court full of kangaroos, do you ever wonder who will pay for your evil deeds? We can only hope that your nieces are out of drug rehabilitation long enough for us to elect them into the Oral Orifice long enough that they will make a "Girls Gone Wild on D.C." porn movie to pay for your deceit. Where is your $200 billion dollar promise to Katrina, tonight, sir?
As for the mourning mother that you had arrested, do you recall how you could not meet her outside your Texas ranch, while you were riding around on your bicycle with your Ipod buds in your ears? She was the one with the big tent of supporters along the road to your house. Do you mean to say that you cannot stand for her to be in your big house of idiots and lies, as well? Clearly, sir, you owe this woman an apology. She scares you, doesn't she? The truth hurts when you are a Little Prince liar. She should scare you. We all scare you. We are America, and you are nothing but an afterthought waiting to happen. Welcome home to these Disunited Estates of ShameriKKKa. Let us remind you that we saw you coming with Mr. Orwell's book. Keep sending the Thoughtpolice. We will still be here. The version that Cindy has written can be found here:

Cindy Sheehan: What Really Happened
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