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Bedtime for Gonzo


"Good Morning Barry Bonds Personal Drug Runner and Bette Midler Fan Club President, Razee."
"Hey, good morning, Vesty." "Good Fondling Pope Day, Ice Scream and Ream Test Butcher Ephmera. Wicked has Cocoa in her pants."

"Step away from your window and go back to sleep. Don't pinch me, you lumberjack!" She screams into the megaphone of her emotions. "I hate when you look at me from your window!

"Will says, "Don’t you wish you could get whiskey like you used to could get milk. Just put the bottle at the door and the next morning a fresh bottle. If love is a battlefield i can finally vacation. It really hurts it feels like hell and I can’t walk on it although had to walk  four miles out of the brush to get to the airport. It nearly killed me and a cop stopped and gave me a ride to the hospital. I was just about out of guts and really needed that ride. He might have saved my life cause otherwise I could go no further. I was just about out of guts and really needed that ride."

"Yeah, I was woken up at 4am when her boyfriend went to the bathroom. I tell you tall guys? Farther to fall means much louder in the bowl. I'm serious."--A girl talking at the next table over at Tsing Tao.
"It makes the air nervous."

"The stove? Do you think that I should move it closer to the door?" He accidentally giggles out loud online.

Razee says, "Achoo!"The new song is going to be leaked out on cell phone crazy shit like a video.

"So I can move the camera and video back and forth.""The world is blowing up, and the office is looking great."

Wicked, your roller ball has made it to the top ten list. I have been making stickers, CD covers and stuff ever since which means that I hate you and will need to make a public mockery of our relationship until AOL sues us for malcontent. Those words send chills down my spine. I told you to keep it in your pants, D. J. Burp. Wicked is the best thing since sliced cheese and make me say please. Continues the old and lost clan of dead. Ugh, I'm too conceited to stalk people. Pickled and high-tailed, why was Razee offending Ephmera and Vesty, his gods of the chat?These are the excuses we make to smell about her shoes. The devil has the sniffles. Maybe they fought between them, a bathroom we stalk with angels of cotton. She don't mean no harm. She just don' t know among, sorry, three pieces. What the hell does that mean? Sorry, guys, for bothering you, I just need someone to play with. Razee licks Wicked awake until the stains make sheets turn gray. He pours Porno for Pyros all over Wicked like cotton candy hearts. "I like to watch her sway. She leapt before I went away! Another princess left in suicide trails. I wish Cowboy Bill was my wife like to watch her sway...she leapt before I went away...another princess left in suicide trails." He unclicks Wicked long enough to tongue her into tomorrow. He can't keep a job, fights for nothing, and always saying bad things. No faith at all! Well, I tell you Razee, long age will hit you as along distance missile, oh I mean, is already. He is already hitting you. He is the one who put the word to use.

"Love is a dog from Hell, they tell me, but I wouldn't know much about dogs, or love, for that matter," Billy-the-kid mumbles then spits tobacco into an empty beer can that was previously sitting on the wire-spool-cum-coffeetable. His eyes glaze over as his attention returns to the seventy-two inch television screen.

"How dare you come around here waving that gun in front of my attack-trained pocket puppy! You are lucky to be alive, I tell you! All I have to do is use the secret Attack command, and Cocoa Puff will be on you like a rattlesnake on a mouse! Don't be sayin' my dog is from Hell, or I will show you what kind of hellhound he is!"

"Ah, shucks, Sis, it ain't a real gun! It is one of them Supersoakers! All it does is shoot water! Quit freakin' out, now!"

"You are right! None of you know anything about love OR dogs!"

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