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Miss Hard Candy Saves the Sequoias

The windows open, she is singing me home a rainbow, and I
wished upon her star. Don't you remember that you told me that you
loved me, baby, says I ate my spleen, please, with a spoon.
Oh Those Voices! What is it with musicians and airplanes, anyway?
Oh my voices, I ate my spleen.....I dunno. I was just asking. Huh? Did
I miss something? French Creole, to be exact. Oh, my voice, I like the
sound of my three daughters when they sing together. My own voice is a
I sed it I sed it I hate to be Dramatic but I sed it
the hot juicy morning beverage is now making noises
Miss Hard Candy saves the Sequoias.
A name is an echo of ourselves or just a random cry in the wilderness.
Save them from slaughter
Aspen screams "Oak, marry my daughter!"
As we are bunnyhopping through suburbia,
a shadow crosses our path.
"Where are you going with that circular saw, our orphaned prince?"
"Home is where you make it," he replies.
Easy as that, there are no more tomorrows.
With a word or two, we whimpered off
and begged for a big bang bomb of an exit.
But it would not come.
There is not going to be any forgiveness today.
The big meow says good-bye.