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I wanted to call someone but I have a feeling my voice isn't enough anymore.

I want to call someone
but I have a feeling my voice isn't enough

How long have you been feeling your voice,
and what does it feel like?
Super Sexy Girl underoos(tm)?
A month of Sundaes walking through the park on Sundays?
A month of strawberry sundaes
dressed in Super Sexy Girl underoos,
strolling through the park on Sundays?

Lady 'runs hands down length of your chest
down further south
cross the boarder
to the sneak river ....
there is one tree that stands above all trees
and its made of HARD WOOD'
(We walk across the border
and into the Snake River)
I reply
'We need to make out on the phone
with Wicked Daisy Lions.'

Opening another Tire Bite Golden Ale
from Broadway Brewery
we pull up our droopy drawers
and stagger off to the garage
for a smoke.

The universe is made up of one big long field of roses.
While you were asleep, we moved them.
As long as they are not dead and stuffed into some vase
or another.
The roses on Mars smell like coffee,
and taste like chicken.

Good Mourning, Vietnam!
And Iraq
and Afghanistan
and Thailand
and Indochina

Good Mourning, Death
I saw you standing around,
trying to look insignificant,
dark sunglasses and all,
just the other day.

I wanted to call someone, so I did.

She forgot to pick up.
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