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Will you please remind me again the difference between natural and unnatural disasters? The numbers are rather mind-boggling, and we are going to be forced to use the new NEW mathematics. Over one-hundred and fifty-thousand poverty-stricken people were removed from the equation, thanks to an angry tsunami, which by definition would be a natural disaster (however oxymoronic the expression natural disaster might be). To date, the price of war in Iraq, in terms of casualty rates, wavers around the same number. In the first case, the Disunited Estates of ShameriKKKa has committed $350 million dollars in aid, ten times the amount that they initially promised, following the event. Dividing the bounty by body counts, $2333 will be spent per fatality on rebuilding the entire infrastructure of the Muslim-based Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

The Disunited Estates government has acknowledged spending $120 billion dollars on the invasion and rebuilding of Iraq, with the casualty numbers hovering around 120 to 150 thousand innocent bystanders. Using the same equation as above, an unnatural disaster, such as war, necessitates one-hundred thousand dollars per casualty, whereas the most powerful tsunami in human memory squeezes a mere two-thousand dollars from the tightly-clenched fists of this administration.

In the first case, a natural disaster has crippled our perspective on reality, while we watch from miles, countries, and belief systems away. Sunbathing in our luxuries, we can sit back and enjoy playing the voyeur. In the second example, we are the creators of disaster, giving rise to even more political emphasis. The early estimates of the Sudanese civil war suggest that one-million people will die, this year, as the Arab-Muslims, on horseback, ransack, rape, and pillage African-Muslims, dislocating hundreds of thousands from their home. The present position of the Disunited States is one of apathetic disregard, when it comes to the Sudan. It would appear that we are simply waiting for the Muslims to kill each other, before moving in to claim the 450 billion barrels of oil below them.

What has happened to these abused foster children, and what has happened to us?
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